International Mobile Dialysis Nurse Service Overview is a pioneering service founded by Shariff Ittobane, a seasoned nurse with extensive experience in dialysis and emergency care. Ittobane’s vision is to provide dialysis patients with the freedom to travel and live without the constraints of traditional treatment schedules. The service aims to bring high-quality, personalized dialysis care directly to patients, regardless of their offers a range of services to cater to the unique needs of dialysis patients:1. Travel and Vacation understands the importance of maintaining regular dialysis treatments, even when patients are away from home. With their travel and vacation dialysis service, patients can enjoy their trips without worrying about finding a dialysis center in an unfamiliar location.’s team of experienced dialysis nurses will travel to the patient’s location, whether it’s a hotel, resort, or private residence, and provide the necessary treatment. This ensures that patients can continue their dialysis regimen without interruption, allowing them to fully enjoy their travel experiences.2. Remote Area Service:For patients living in remote areas where access to dialysis centers may be limited, offers a remote area service. This service is particularly beneficial for those who live in rural or underserved communities, where traveling long distances for dialysis treatment can be challenging.’s mobile dialysis nurses will travel to these remote locations, bringing the necessary equipment and expertise to provide patients with the care they need. By eliminating the need for patients to travel long distances, ensures that they receive timely and convenient dialysis treatment, improving their quality of life.3. Emergency Dialysis Services:In emergency situations where immediate dialysis treatment is required,’s emergency dialysis services come to the rescue. Whether it’s a sudden medical complication or an unforeseen travel emergency,’s team of skilled nurses is available to provide prompt dialysis care. With their expertise in emergency care, they can quickly assess the situation and deliver the necessary treatment, ensuring the patient’s well-being.4. Business Travel Support:For patients who frequently travel for business purposes, offers specialized support. They understand the challenges faced by business travelers who need to balance work commitments with their dialysis treatment.’s team works closely with patients to coordinate their treatment schedule around their business trips, ensuring that they receive the care they need while minimizing disruption to their work. This service provides peace of mind for business travelers, allowing them to focus on their professional responsibilities without compromising their health.In conclusion, is revolutionizing the dialysis industry by providing international mobile dialysis nurse services. Their vision to offer personalized, high-quality care to dialysis patients, regardless of their location, sets them apart. Whether it’s travel and vacation dialysis, remote area service, emergency dialysis, or business travel support, is committed to ensuring that patients can live their lives to the fullest without compromising their health.

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